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Film/TV Actor
with Unique Talents

#Actor                     Ken Bhan is a Los Angeles based performer and has acted opposite Kelsey Grammar, Tim Roth, Patricia Heaton, Orlando Bloom and Fred Willard.  He is great at improv and loves "Cold Read" auditions.   He performs stand up comedy in local comedy clubs...  Seen here, he's performing in the "Main Room" at the World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. 


#Stuntdriver       As his career evolved, he became a stunt driver, and currently hosts a webseries about cars & lifestyle called “Driving Me Wild" where Ken demonstrates his unique ability to "drift" or "skid" a vehicle around a ninety degree turn, perfectly.  Ken also shows ways to customize and enhance your vehicle and make it more useful, fun and stylish.  Ken began "drifting" cars at age fifteen and has decades of experience.  He promotes safe and responsible driving, and has an immaculate California Driving Record with over thirteen years without any tickets.

#Nerd                    Ken received a scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford University, UK to study Acting and holds a BFA in Acting from Howard University, where he also minored in Directing.  Prior to taking up the Arts, he studied Quantum Physics, Engineering and Mathematics at the United States Naval Academy for three consecutive years and was preparing to be an engineer on a nuclear submarine.  He changed his mind and became an actor when he found out there are no women on nuclear submarines.  He brings intelligence, humor and a unique skill set to every project.  He continues to utilize his math abilities by day trading the stock market, and teaching investors the secrets of buying pressure.  Ken is obsessed with a certain four letter word.  Math

#Magician           Ken began performing magic at age ten, and by age twelve he was booking magic jobs in his home state of Maryland.  He specializes in close up magic and performs original tricks he creates.  Although Ken performs magic in venues and private parties in Los Angeles, he's really just teaching people about quantum physics and a really good actor, who likes to act like a magician when he's not on set.

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