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Quantum Physics

Prior to becoming an Acting Major, Ken studied Quantum Physics and Astronomy at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, about forty-five minutes from Washington, DC.  He focused on Engineering and Advanced Mathematics and continues to be fascinated and enlightened by the wonderful world of Quantum Physics and Nanotechnology.



A tribute to Niels Bohr and his work with Richard Feynman's famous Double Slit Experiment where photons of light behave like "waves" when not being observed, and then as you observe them, they behave like individual "particles" of light, or "photons" of light.  Working from this, Ken Bhan attempts to photograph the transformation of a "wave" of light into individual "photons" of light.  These photos were taken milliseconds apart from one another in Ken's studio

Inspired by James Turrell, Ken uses light interacting with itself and nature, to capture stunning images of light waves transforming into light photons, to create stunning images

(These photographs are taken milliseconds apart from one another in Ken Bhan's Trade Cave)

Photon Interaction

If you are interested in quantum physics and expanding your awareness, you can visit Quantum Ken for interesting videos on quantum physics and coming soon, how he uses quantum physics to profit with the stock market


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