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"Ken on Cars"

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Stock BMW Z4




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how to drive

how to buy a car

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                        Cast:   "The Cool Car Club"
                                     Teresa Bredenberg, Ken Bhan   
                                     Director of Photography:  Esther Washington
       Join us as we take a look at cars from companies like Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Lotus, Alfa Romeo, some American Muscle and BMW.  We're on the hunt to buy new cars...  and spread car knowledge along the way
We introduce proper ways to customize and modify cars, without messing 'em up 
Our motto is to "love your car" and "evolve your car"  sometimes that means modification or customization, sometimes it means gettin' a new one.
What's makes a car cool is ongoing conversation...  This inspired Ken to put a bunch of stickers on his Z4 BMW Roadster and people in Los Angeles are constantly saying "I love your car!"  and they are much more courteous in traffic.
How does this affect driving the car?   We've found it makes it much easier in a congested city like Los Angeles, because people are much nicer and usually always let us have the right of way, simply because they like the car.  Who would've thought?  If everyone has a car that makes people happy, road rage could diminish slightly.
When Ken designed the stickers for his Z4, he wanted it to be friendly and fun, to his surprise, it has made the car a constant topic of conversation.  Every time we drive it, someone comments about it.  Even if we're just running to the grocery store and back.
The whole point of "Driving Me Wild" series is to encourage you to get a car you love.  Love your car, evolve your car.   And bring some joy to the world, and you're motoring experience...
All you have to do to be in "The Cool Car Club" is get a cool car.  What makes a car cool?  You have to let the people decide...

sequential manual transmission vs.

Double clutch transmission

Which is better?



COMing soon With


A series about drifting cars

WE'll Cover

managing wheelspin

steering techniques

front wheel telemetry

Road/tire surface & temperature

Drifting (Power Oversteer) is a lovely expression of a vehicle when done correctly.  Makin' the car "dance" as Jeremy Clarkson says on TopGear.  Not all cars drift well.  It's helps if your car is front engine & rear wheel drive, and has a BMW, Ferrari or Camaro badge on it.  BMW has been a consistent record holder of "World's Longest Drift" according to The Guinness Book of World Records.  And recently a Camaro has up'd the ante...  One thing is certain, for the last couple decades, "The World's Longest Drift" has been held by a rear wheel drive car with a front mounted engine.  Not a mid mounted or rear mounted engine.  And NEVER has an all-wheel-drive car or front wheel drive car held a record, or even come close.
We recommend these videos by Chris Harris & Tiff Needell until our series debuts. 
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Episode Six, Seven & Eight...
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Our first picture car is a lightweight BMW Roadster named "Roller" (after the tiny "robot car" which is parked in the Trailer Portion of "Optimus Prime" from the popular Transformers Series).  As you can see from these early pictures, evolving your car can let your car's personality come out.
Roller is getting older but keeps things fun by appearing in TV Shows (Melrose Place, 90210) and Films (Angels) and is always ready to race...  Any takers?  (Click on Contact Above & Let's Race!)
This roadster features a Sequential Manual Gearbox from the factory mated to a normally aspirated 3.0 Straight Six and is consistently beating "faster" cars like Ferraris (360 Modena & F430), Teslas, Audis and other BMWs.  
Modifications (are few) include a K&N Airfilter, CoolCarbon Brake Pads and Dunlop Direzza DZ101 (non-runflat) Tires on the Stock Rims, which are the best road legal tire for drifting, according to Ken.  We recommend keeping the same wheel and tire size as the factory provided.  Changing your wheel sizes may make your speedometer read incorrectly.  Which may cause you to get speeding tickets, because your speedometer may be out of calibration.  And who wants tickets?
We take you through some more custom modifications which may inspire you to "love your car & evolve your car" a 'lil bit more


"Roller" has been featured on these tv shows

Ken Bhan is professional stunt driver & film/tv actor.  Ken was successfully drifting cars at age fifteen in a BMW 530i E12 he and his father worked on.  Ken got his drivers license on his sixteenth birthday, which was the legal age in his home state.  Ken began racing in SCCA racing events at age eighteen.  Ken later attended skip barber racing school with the BMW M3 & Porsche 911.  Ken is a long time BMW enthusiast having owned (in order) 530i, L7, 325is, M5, 840ci, Z4 3.0 SMG, 428xi, 428i M-SPORT Convertible

Do not attempt any of these manuvers.  Obey the law, buckle up.  DRIVE SAFE


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