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I keep my client roster private for your benefit, however, here are comments from a handful of my "enthusiastic" clients that are cool with the exposure.


Rocky Ross

Business Owner

Los Angeles, CA

"...first time I contacted Mr. Bahn I was being sued by LA's Number One Attorney (according to recent publications); I thought I was going to lose everything.  There was a problem with his daughter's sixteenth birthday party and my company was responsible for the music and entertainment. Her father filed a suit against me and told me he was going to take my business. I told Mr. Bahn the situation, he told me to relax and outlined a plan.  He told me to write a letter and mentione certain things.  I was nervous and asked Mr. Bahn to write it for me.  He sent me a draft and I added my signature and sent it.


Within a week, the lawsuit was dropped entirely and there was no out of pocket cost for a settlement!  Ken Bahn is LA's top consultant!!  Mr. Bahn only charged me for two hours of his time! Just hiring a lawyer would be ten times as much!!  Thank you Ken  Bahn!!!"  

                                                  - Rocky Ross

Marlene Brehm

Business Owner

Burbank, CA

Ken Bahn Mathematician.jpg

Doug Huberman

Business Owner

Pasadena, CA

"In addition to being a Regional Vice President of a International Communications Company, I'm also a Singer and Actress.   I was looking for new talent representation and gave a couple of my acting headshots to Ken, within two weeks I was signed by a new theatrical talent agent, in which Ken referred me to."  

                      - Marlene Brehm  



" wife had first met Ken and thought I should meet him too.  I hired Ken to design a power point presentation for an important meeting.  The meeting was a 'slam dunk' in our favor."  

                   - Doug Huberman

Dr. Andrea Bradshaw

Business Owner

West Hollywood, CA

"Ken helped expand my business and offered ways to generate new customers and business, without paying for advertising.  Ken's marketing ideas work so well, I hired him to help me brand two more additional offices in Culver City and Marina del Rey."  

                         - Dr. Andrea Bradshaw  


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