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Ken has been cast in various Film/TV projects where he was also made a Producer by working directly with the Director, Creator and other Producers to move the project forward.



Ken has been performing magic since age twelve and specializes in Close Up Magic, performing elegant and sophisticated illusions with cards and coins and other objects.  Ken gives a demonstration of Quantum Physics with a deck of playing cards, which defy the laws of classical physics...  and reality.

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Driving Me Wild

Stunt Driver

Ken's YouTube Channel "Driving Me WIld" about cars and stunt driving has become a referral based business offering: custom car designs that enhance your vehicle, custom products, & advanced driving lessons.

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Going Above and Beyond

After being cast, Ken was made an Associate Producer on a short film project which won Three awards including "Best Picture" and on a TV Pilot which he helped market internationally.  Ken is a Stunt Driver and produces a webseries "Driving Me Wild" about cars and lifestyle.  "Driving Me Wild" has recently become a business offering car designs and products to enhance your car motoring experience...  as well as advanced Driving Lessons and Car Control.


Ken is able to blow people's minds with intelligent magic that stimulates the mind with lessons from the world of Quantum Physics.  Wave-Particle Duality, Quantum Entanglement, Superpositions and Blackholes are staples in his performance.  What's faster than the speed of light?  The speed of thought and Ken will demonstrate it in your hands, not his.

Magician Rates:

$500 per hour

(Private Parties & Events)

$750 per hour

(Corporate Events)

Stunt Driver & CEO

Driving Me WIld

Ken is able to customize cars in a unique way that doesn't alter the vehicles integrity or functionality.  Prior to attending Oxford University to study Acting, Ken spent three years at the United States Naval Academy studying Engineering and Mathematics, applying them to car designs.  Ken's personal car attracted enough attention that other car enthusiasts insisted Ken customize their car, and the business was born.  Being a stunt driver that specializes in "Power Oversteer" and "Drifting" he also teaches advanced driving to people and stunt professionals.  "Love Your Car, Evolve Your Car" is the series motto.

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Tel. (310) 948-5044

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