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I.Q. Score = 150
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Integrity & Possibilities


My favorite thing to teach is how to "drift" a car...  However, most clients require a business consultant for a few days on a project.  Or help closing a major business deal.  Perhaps some Success Coaching in a certain area of your life...  I'm here to help, your fun, quirky, neighborhood genius living in the Hollywood Hills.


My kindergarten teacher told my parents "your son is a genius" and my IQ was last measured at 150, The interesting thing about my genius is I'm always learning new skills and ideas, which make life easier.  Designing better ways to live, think and generate income.

In addition to holding a BFA in Acting, I'm also a Certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, something I did for fun and it has grown into a business.  I also took a few headshots for some collegues, that too, grew into a business.


A few years ago, Dr. Andrea Bradshaw, a local Los Angeles business owner asked me to help her grow her business, and I consulted for her for three years and helped Dr. Bradshaw open two additional offices in Marina del Rey and Culver City. 

Doug Huberman, CEO of RVM Investments, based in Pasadena, CA, hired me to create a powerpoint presentation for a large meeting.  Doug is a successful entrepreneur and business owner, having created "Restaurant Row" in Old Town Pasadena, as well as many other real estate related developments.  He choose to hire me full-time for one month, to complete it, along with a number of other tasks.  He let me audition when necessary, and we work well together.  The large meeting was a "Slam Dunk" in our favor, as Doug Huberman describes it. 

In addition to local artists and business owners in Los Angeles, I've began corresponding with and consulting with larger companies like Verizon, Apple and BMW of North America.  I offer ideas and suggestions to make their products more successful and have been compensated for my service.  Apple implemented 90% of my ideas within two weeks after initially speaking with them.  It took them over two years to complete the remaining 10%

​I've also assisted a number of Artists obtain proper representation by referring them to talent agents and managers with the right marketing materials and game plan. 

Everything is a mathematical formula, how you buy groceries, how you run your finances and how to live your dreams. 

I began investing in the the US Commodities Markets in 1996 with Options on Futures Contracts in the Natural Gas (NYMEX) market.  My first trade netted a twenty percent return, in two months.  I did it again and returned over nine-hundred and thirty percent with my second trade, in one month.  The market made a major move and my timing was perfect.  I was hooked after that.  I continue to trade Futures Contracts today, however, I do not recommend them for beginner investors.  There are many investment possibilities available today, and I help people invest according to their goals and expectations.

I assess your particular situation, devise a game plan, and then execute the solution based on your expectations and goals.  I have helped people and companies double, and even quadruple their bank account or profits, respectively.

I have also coached people to quit smoking, quit drugs and eliminate unwanted behavior.  I'm into personal growth and development and have been personally mentored by T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, and Christopher Howard, among others.  I became a Certified Life Coach and a Master Practitioner of NLP because of these mentors; having received my Certification from Christopher Howard, personally.  He describes me as a natural.  The first person I coached was a young man, twenty four years old, addicted to drugs for six years.  I coached with him for three hours, only once.  Within two months he had quit for three weeks and his family invited me to their home for a special dinner, marking the "return of their son" as they put it.  He was the first person I coached after my Life Coach Certification, and I did it for free, and the dinner was awesome.   I told Christopher Howard about the experience and he convinced me to keep coaching people and empowering them and it grew into a business.

It turns out, if your brain creates a problem, it also contains the solution.  I just guide you to it.  And show you how to use it.  If you would like some coaching, you can listen to my podcast, uploaded to YouTube by clicking here ...It's called "The Human Code Key" and it's an owner's manual for human beings.  Although I'm slightly embarrassed by it, my clients like it a great deal.  I recorded while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas in 2018.  It contains tips and techniques for human empowerment.  It's just audio, so the screen will be black.

I'm someone that likes to help people, if you need help with anything call me at (310) 948-5044


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​​Ken Bahn

Tel.  (310) 948-5044


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