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He carries a deck of cards in his wallet, so he's magical wherever he goes, because he like to mess with people.  A night out on the town, special events and even grocery shopping, he's always doing magic to brighten people's day.  Just ask any of the staff of his local Trader Joe's grocery store, they've all seen some effect of his involving a deck of cards.

This video is him on the streets of Hollywood, California combining quantum physics and magic, which is just another normal day in the life.  ALL OF THE SPECTATORS ARE REAL RANDOM PEOPLE.  Ken allows the cards to be shuffled by the spectators.  The secret to the magic is his favorite four letter word... can you guess?  Math

Ken has been performing magic since age ten and creates original illusions and effects told in the context of quantum physics and subatomic particles, which he studied when he was at the United States Naval Academy.  Unlike typical magicians, Ken doesn't lie to his audience, instead he demonstrates several effects or laws of quantum physics, which just happen to defy the laws of normal reality.  However, it's all true according to Brian Greene's "An Elegant Universe" and the nature of subatomic particles, just ask any physicist. 

Based in California, Ken performs close up magic at private events.  DGA, PGA, WGA, AFL-CIO & SAG-AFTRA Members may request pro bono appearances at special events, screenings and gatherings.  Call 310-948-5044 to discuss your situation.  Pictured below with Jack Goldfinger, Director of Entertainment at the World Famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles.  Ken was also trained by legendary magician, Al Cohen, when he was growing up in the Washington, DC area

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Ken typically performs magic for adults & young adults

Custom Rates Available    (310)  948-5044


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