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Using Quantum Physics & Math to make profits in stock market with the AutoTote Trading Process...

...welcome to Ken's AutoTote Trading Process.  A notebook filled with short cuts and tips to make money by investing with your computer or smartphone.
I started investing before college and have been J-O-B free since 2007.  Obviously I work in Film/TV projects and like performing stand up comedy, however I've been a committed trader for over two decades and created a new way to profit consistently, no matter what the market does, and it's all based in quantum physics and my favorite four letter word.  Math.

After several successful trades with Tesla (TSLA) stock my account was at $9507.74 and my set up alerted me to Piedmont Lithium (PLL) which is a battery company that got a deal to make batteries for Telsa cars over the next five years, causing their stock to surge momentarily or "pop" briefly.  My broker, TD Ameritrade, gives you "double" your money for buying stocks and allows you to trade on margin.  The first week I bought and sold 500 shares (costing $12,175.00, even though I only had $9507.74 in the account, the "margin" covered the rest) and the trade resulted in making $1240.00 in profits, with one trade, in one day.  The next week I repeatedly bought and sold 300 to 500 shares, profiting each time, totaling to $9253.00 in three days, with three trades, buying one day and selling the next day.  Below are screenshots with some text added to make it easier to glean useful information.  The green bubbles are the 'Buy" order and the red bubbles are the "Sell" order.  These are "one-minute" charts using TD Ameritrade's Think or Swim Trading Platform, which I highly recommend.  Here are the four trades listed in order.

Below is a "five-minute" chart showing the last three trades, three days in a row, totaling 9253.00 and adding $1240.00 from the week before brings profits to $10,493.00 in less than two weeks with only four trades.  Buying one day, selling the next day, only one "day-trade" was used, meaning it can be done with any account, regardless of the account size.

While this move is over and done, there are plenty of opportunities everyday in the stock market and my "Notebook" grows every week with winning trades.  I'm posting my successful trades in the online notebook and anyone can access them to find out what stock is worth trading every week, and profit together with me and my fellow investors.  My notebook also contains my "Autotote Trading System" with audio files to coach you during each part of the trade:  Buying, selling and waiting on the sidelines.  The notebook is like a crystal ball that shows you the best stock(s) to trade, complete with a sample or example of how to trade it effectively and profit.  While no trade is 100% "repeatable" the notebook should save you considerable time, stress and anxiety by laser focusing you on the right stock, right now, so you can generate profits without extensive trial and error.  I should mention some people have used the exact same prices that I used (the previous day) and have successfully "repeated" the trade the next day. I find this mildly amusing...  I kind of did that on the PLL (Piedmont Lithium) trades, making the same money, or similar money, three days in a row. 

The third part of the notebook is my explanation of chart patterns and formations and how to use the app and software.   You can do this from home with a computer or with your smart phone.  Understanding chart patterns is important and the key to understanding market behavior.  It's the single greatest reason I've been a successful trader for decades. 

I'm selling a digital version of my notebook, "Autotote Trading System" and Explanation of Charts and Patterns for a reasonable amount ...which most investors will make back in profits within a couple days or weeks, depending on how much money you fund your account with.  You also get my direct line, so you can call me, and actually talk to me about your situation.  I like helping people, and encourage communication.

I watch the market like a hawk and crunch a lot of numbers to arrive at which markets to trade.  I have a small team of investors that discuss viable stocks, before I choose the right one.  It's better to be altruistic, magnanimous and generous when it comes to investing.  I'm enjoying profiting together with committed friends and colleagues. We all share a healthy competition that also creates a bit of camaraderie and adds to the fun of making money.  If you're a seasoned trader we offer advanced strategies for "shorting" the market and more.

You also get direct contact to your assigned coach, me.
                                       (310) 948-5044

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