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sometimes I write poems


a handful of poems I've written...

This Valentine's Day

Every February it approaches without fail,

Every February the post office delivers the mail,


Thousands of cards from cupid, friends, and lovers,

Notes and letters, flowers by the dozen — all for another,


When will my Valentine come?  Will I see her soon?

Will she kiss me?  Make love and be like spoons?


I wait and wonder as I ponder my Valentine’s existence.

Upon her arrival a love so divine I experience.


I smell her breath as she whispers her intentions,

As I gaze into her eyes I can see my reflection.


It’s as real as life holding her in my arms,

My heart is no longer cold, as souls begin to warm.


Lips pressed together our embrace become bliss,

Cupid makes a pass and our love is sealed by a kiss.


I tingle all over and my mind grows scared,

Will this be the only moment we share?


Tears escape my eyes as she draws me near,

Holding me so lovingly again she whispers in my ear.


“I Love You,” are the words I hear & affection is what I feel.

My Valentine is no longer a fantasy or desire...  She’s real. 


                   by: Ken Bhan



Like a Baby
Sounds Like What?

You make me loopy, but in a good way,

You’re kinda goofy, but that’s okay,

Where you came from I’ll never know,

Where you go, you maintain your flow,


Since the day we met, I’ve noticed synchronicity,

Since our last hug, I feel electricity,

Do magic merlins really exist?

Put a spell on me? I’m cool, not pissed,


I should be happy, just knowing you’re real,

Somebody amazing, somebody that feels,

Love all around us, every single day,

air we breathe, our days, our stays,

For you it’s sweet rain that cleanses your soul,

For me it’s butterflies, whirlwinds of tiny blows,


Thank God you make me feel this way!

hell of a magic trick, tomorrows another day!

I get to book around town some more,

Drink some chai, never feel the same as before,


I was gonna say something, but the spell made me forget,

You’re something, and I’m guessing, “what’s coming next?”

So it’s upward and beyond! All ‘round town!

As the saga continues...

…and possibilities abound!


Do you like to dance, do you like to get down?

Do you hear that sound?

Because... Maybe some day... Some day soon...

We’ll be dancing together,

To a special mix of the perfect tunes...



                   by: Ken Bhan

Like a Baby by Ken Bhan (Written for Jennifer Stokes)

I flew across the country, in a bit of a holiday whirl...
I was traveling to see my family, and unexpectedly ran into a girl,
there was a connection as well as an attraction and I began to think boy oh boy,
but I'm really picky about women, but this one just spreads joy,
I took a closer look, and began to get impressed,
then she showed me a dominatrix picture, where she was dressed as a temptress,
her long legs and silky smooth skin I begin to get hot but this isn't infatuation?
we talked and talked, broke bread with elation
looking into her eyes, I saw a twinkle of anticipation...
I touched her lips with mine slowly, with the slightest bit of hesitation,
her lips are soft and perfect with the slightest Electric sensation
I pull back and look into her eyes, I relax… Because it's mutual attraction
we kiss again and again yet it doesn't offer much satisfaction
it only makes us hotter inside, as we undergo a chemical reaction,
Little did I know what Santa had in store,
but he delivered a beautiful blonde bombshell at my very door,
every day that passes she always finds time to adore, her love is so strong, it reminds me of epic folklore,
but this story is true, and we both want to read more,
so she wrote me a poem, about doves that fly and soar,
my heart is touched and my mind tingles with thoughts,
when I see her naked body, the thoughts become a lot,
I get confused and weak, While Cupid takes a shot
powerless and smitten, she makes me purr like a kitten, our bodies fit together like a hand in a mitten, warm and cozy and then hot and heavy, apparently it's clear, she's also been bitten…
when I wake she's no longer here, but left a note by my ear,
my heart skips a beat, And succumbs to fear,
she's gone, and I want her near,
 her hand writing seems etched in my heart,
because "I love you" is what she has written,
I think for a moment, oh no, she didn't,
I look at it again, I love you, I love you, I love you so much… is what she has written,
words that scare us, and Dare us, her fire is hot and clearly Litten.
I feel smothered, as if I can't breathe… The good news is, I feel the same way, so the whole thing is rather fitting…. I guess I better get used to her touch, and the sound of us purring like kittens...


When You Love
(wrote this for my parents 44rd anniversary)

When you're married, spending time with the other person can seem like forever,

But you two do it right, making our universe proud, by living & staying together…


Through all the ups and downs, grins and frowns,

You came all the way from India, to a sunny house in the Downs,

Where you chose to spawn,

Creating more life,

Raising them sound!


I am your son, Sapna your daughter,

No other parents make a brother and sister prouder!


You give us love, more than we deserve...  

And in our hearts we begin to preserve...

The kindness, generosity, the discipline…

The more we grow up, the more we listen...


To you.  And you, to us...  

Keeping our family together,

Built with the connection of love, and trust.


We're so lucky to have you for parents, the best parents in the world.

Growing up we weren't quite sure, but these days, it's a whole 'nother world…


Daughter over here, son over there,

Yet, somehow, we manage to always stay in your hair…


Be happy you still have it, and look great!

Now the family’s growing at an alarming rate…

Your job is to keep going, we believe in you, so keep piling lots of food on your plate...


If you get full, or seem to be in a hurry…

Maybe you’re not very hungry, or just have too much curry…


Pick up the phone and call your son,

He'll come home and have some fun…

Call your daughter and play with the little ones!


The best part of all, is you never have to worry,

Your family is close, and will always come home for more curry…

So, keep cooking up the love! …and Happy Anniversary.



                   by: Ken Bhan

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